Steel Slitting Line

It is mainly used to cut the steel strip coil and provide the raw material of pipe steel with welded pipe production line.The Slitting Line unit mainly has the following four characteristics:

1)Adopt PLC control, hydraulic shear and hydraulic system to realize local automatic control.the whole unit has simple operation, convenient maintenance, accurate tension adjustment and quick replacement of the Rotary shear.

2)The unit can be the active constant tension shear, the size of tension can be adjusted according to the plate thickness and material from the operating table. it is required that the unit be adjusted to the thickness of the slippage. It can also be used to pull the coil of some thin wall with a constant speed shearing. The shear quality is high, the quality is good and the range is wide.

3)No abrasions and scratches surface.

4)Optimization of mechanical production process, short production time, high efficiency and high yield.





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